How do I create a counter in LABEL MATRIX?



  • How do I create a counter in LABEL MATRIX?


The Counter data origin allows you to set up a counter field for which you set a start value and an amount to increment or decrement as labels are printed.

You can specify that the count be unique for each set of labels, or that the count occur when labels are duplicated. Incrementing and decrementing on duplicate labels gives you the advantage of changing the Counter value while all Keyboard Input and data file values remain the same.

The Counter data origin is used to create serial numbers, shelf numbers, inventory numbers, and other incrementing values commonly used on labels.

To set up an image with a Counter origin:

  1. Add a text or bar code image by clicking on the appropriate button at the left side of the screen (or select one of these images from the Insert menu).

  2. Click on the Data tab and then select Counter from the Origin drop-down list.

  3. Set the Counter properties now appearing on the Data tab.

  1. When you have finished choosing properties for the Counter, click the OK button to have the image placed at the location you have specified in the Position tab, or click the Place button to place the image on the label using the mouse.

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